Yes. We are the official fan club and work with Sébastien and his management team to liaise between him and the fans, and the other way around. Furthermore, Seb supports our activities and charity projects actively in the following ways:

  • upon approving legal registration of the fan club as a non profit association, Sébastien has generously accepted the role of Honorary President in our organisation
  • Seb and his team have a role in assuring the continuity of the fan club by providing key deliverables or informing us of important career developments
  • Seb assures periodic availability of exclusive signed merchandise items for auctions and raffles for his charities
  • Seb sometimes posts about our activities on his social media accounts, or reposts, comments on or likes fan club announcements
  • Seb is kept informed about fan fundraiser and project results as well as fan club related activities when appropriate

Our utmost gratitude goes out to Seb and his entourage for a pleasant and productive work relationship.

Please note this does not mean that we can accept or forward messages or gifts for Sébastien, nor is he involved in the day to day management of the social media channels of our club; this is done by the club team members. Sébastien has his own personal social media accounts he posts to, which you can find here.