The Il Divo Fans for Charity online store provides items created by fans being sold for charity, as well as our auctions and raffles. Each item details who is responsible for its creation and shipping, as well as to which charities the proceeds are donated and in which way.

To provide fans with a total shopping experience, the store has integrated ordering and payment options. Buyers are able to follow up their orders' status and contact our merchandise department at any time for questions. Other features include:

  • Currency conversion calculate any price in your desired currency
  • Address book functionality - enter your address details once and the system remembers them for your next purchase
  • Product variations: any Product Detail link will take you to a page where you can choose different styles, models, and sizes when available

Payment methods include:

  • Paypal
  • Bank transfer (your order will manually be set to completed when we have received the bank payment)
  • Credit Card (via Paypal, for people who don't have a Paypal account)

The Sébastien Izambard Official Fan Club, owner of the Il Divo Fans for Charity store, does not make ANY profit out of items sold, and neither do the people creating them. Proceeds go directly to one or more of our supported organisations. Each person creating items for the store receives an official endorsement letter in which these as well as other arrangements are detailed as proof of fair dealings. For legal or financial questions, please contact