Because of its Belgian roots, the IDFC Store's default currency is EUR (€). Customers can change the store views (product catalogue, shopping cart) to their preferred currency by using the "Select your currency" menu in the sidebar of the store. For logged in customers, their preference will be remembered for subsequent store visits.

Is the conversion always correct?
Yes, our store automatically synchronises with international exchange rates as published by the European Central Bank (ECB). The valid rate for a purchase is always the one at the moment of purchase. The price is no longer adapted after an order has been placed.

My currency of preference is not listed
For reasons of server load and website performance, we don't add automatic conversion for all of the world's available currencies. Please contact us informing us of your preferred currency, and we can add it to the store for you.

I have another question regarding currency conversion
Send us a message or contact our sales team at