We welcome all original ideas, hand made as well as other items, for temporary or permanent sale, or for auction or raffle via our store.

Please contact us at hello@ildivofansforcharity.com for details.

When your project has been approved and planned, in collusion with the charity or charities the proceeds will go to, you will receive an endorsement letter from the Sébastien Izambard Official Fan Club detailing:

  • the nature of the action/item(s)
  • the timing of the sale/auction/raffle
  • the people responsible
  • the charity or charities receiving the proceeds from the action/item(s) and the way in which they will be donated
  • the official permissions obtained/copyrights cleared

This letter is proof of fair and legal dealings as well as the report of shared responsibilities of the club and the person creating/supplying the action/items. To run a fundraiser with an endorsement letter means you agree the raised total will be added to the Il Divo Fans for Charity total (effectively raised totals cannot be withdrawn once added). You equally agree to keep our Fan Charity Coordinator up to date with progress and the result of your fundraiser.

Please bear in mind that we cannot allow any profits to be made from sales, auctions or raffles. All proceeds must go to one or more of our supported charities.
Equally, you must make sure that what you create is in accordance with international copyright (and other) laws - for example when using pictures of Il Divo or any of its members. If you're unsure, just contact us and we can help you with legal as well as practical arrangements. We have a stock of pictures that have officially been cleared for charity use, both fan pictures and professional ones.

Any violation of the terms agreed on or our general Terms of Use will lead to steps being taken.