Our auctions will be announced in advance via news, newsletter, Facebook and Twitter. When the auction is live, a direct link will be shared on social media and on the www.ildivofansforcharity.com homepage. Logged in members can find an Auctions menu item in the member menu and get an overview of their active auctions, where they've been outbid etc.


  • Auctions are open for account holders all over the world
  • Auctions are always held in EURO
  • Auction pages are always available in English only (to prevent technical glitches)
  • Only logged in users can see current pricing and bid info on an auction
  • Full usernames are NEVER disclosed in the bid list so bidding is anonymous (except for your own username when you're logged in and you've placed a bid)
  • The site admin (and only the site admin) gets emails when auctions open, close, and when bids are placed
  • All bids are final and cannot be revoked, not even by the site admin.


While all site visitors can see auctions, only logged in members can see current price status and enter bids. Creating a free member account is fast and easy (you can also choose to sign up via your Facebook or Twitter profile). If you have an account but have lost your password, click "Forgot your password" or mail hello@ildivofansforcharity.com.


A user who is not logged in will see the following items on an auction page:

  • Auction item title
  • Auction item image & description
  • Charity the item is auctioned off for
  • The bid list with masked usernames of previous bids

Logged in users will see the above info plus the following:

  • A live countdown to when the auction automatically ends
  • The current price of the item
  • A form field to either type a bid or agree to the proposed bid (1 euro higher than the current price)
  • The Place a bid button to conform the bid entered in the field


If you enter a bid that's higher than the proposed bid of +1 euro to current price, the system will automatically up your bid with 1 euro until you reach the bid amount you set. So how does it work?
Say an item is at 10 € and you really want it so you bid 20 € immediately. The bid will be raised with 1 and you will be the highest bidder for 11 , but the system will remember your bid of 20 .
When someone else, let's call him or her user1, bids 12 € on the same item, instead of becoming the highest bidder, user1 will get an immediate notice that he or she has been outbid. The user1 bid of 12 will be registered, but since you bid 20 before, you will automatically become the highest bidder again, for 13 . This will go on until someone bids 21 €, then he or she will become the highest bidder (you can of course always outbid by placing a new bid).
If more people enter the same automatic maximum bid, who entered it first will have precedence and become highest bidder on reaching said amount.


Auctions end automatically when the countdown is over - the site admin has NO control over the automated process of closing an auction. The auction page will continue to be visible but without a countdown and bid options for both logged in members and visitors.
SIFC does not handle your money or financial transactions to ensure the money goes straight to the charity. When an auction ends and you are the highest bidder, please donate the winning amount to the charity in question via online donation ASAP.

You will receive an email from them confirming your donation. Please forward this email to hello@ildivofansforcharity.com and include your username and postal address details.
When we have receveid all these details, we will ship your won item(s) to you and let you know when this has happened. Everyone happy!
If an item incurs no bids during an active auction period, the item will be retained for the next auction.


100% of the proceeds will go DIRECTLY to the charity/charities and there are NO extra costs for bidders or winners. Packaging, postage etc. (when applicable) are handled by the Fan Club.