Buying Raffle Tickets

Raffle tickets can be bought via our IDFC Store. The product will show the details what is to be raffled and when, and how long tickets are available.
No shipping cost will be added to the total price, but we need a shipping address to be able to send the raffle item(s) to the winner(s) (postage is paid by the Fan Club).

After buying a certain amount of tickets, you will get an order confirmation.
Orders are double checked manually, and your ticket numbers will be sent to you maximum 3 days after you've paid for your purchase. If this is not the case, please forward your order confrmation to

Raffle Draws

We let the draw take place by the charities themselves, or by an independent party at our HQ, to ensure everything is legal, and the draw is fair. The charity will receive the list with names and ticket numbers from the Fan Club admin and then video the draw. After the draw, the Fan Club will contact the winner(s) to double check their address data, and dispatch the item(s).

Donation of Raffle Ticket Money

The money raised will go to the organisation in question (depending on the raffle) its directly and in its entirity by Fan Club, once ticket sales are closed. The total will be reported.

Participation of Fan Club Team Members

In case of an interest of one or more Fan Club Team members in the raffle items, the president will be the only one managing the ticket number list, so the other members are free to enter. The ticket number list is kept outside the websites, so team member access rights do not grant access to this kind of list.