AMTM - Course Des Héros

From AMTM: "The fundraising pages having now closed, here are the definitive results for the Course des Héros 2017 : 44.315 € gross raised by 68 fundraisers, which puts AMTM in the TOP 10 (10th of 172 organisations). CONGRATULATIONS everyone for this beautiful collective effort!

Congratulations to our groups:
1- "Talensoftees" 8587 € (22nd group of 267)
2- "Jauffret toujours dans la course" 7165 € (38th of 267)
3- "Il Divo fans for charity" 1760 € (116th of 267)

And our individual fundraisers :
1- C. Miège 4370 € (26th of 3439 fundraisers)
2- N. Jauffret 3540 € (38th)
3- S. Jauffret 2020 € (111th)

THANK YOU for this essential help for our actions in Nepal and India : Note the date for next year: 17 juin 2018!"

I think we can be VERY proud of our official SIFC/IDFC achievement, being an international group, thus not having the "local" advantage and still finishing in the first half of the group ranking! I'm so proud of everyone, participants, donors and supporters who shaped our own very modest contribution to AMTM's 10th place (congratulations, lovely people!)!! I think I can say that we will do everything in our power to come back next year, if possible, even with more reinforcements ;) - Anne-Lies x