Before, this website was available in English, French and Dutch, which much of the translation work happening manually. Our Il Divo Fans for Charity website was only available in English.
Now, both websites have a translation dropdown, which immediately translate the current page to nearly ANY global language. On, the dropdown is located at the top of every page above the menu, for, you can find it in the sidebar on the right of every page (see image).

Please note that this is instant, AUTOMATED translation and no guarantee can be given about quality or accuracy. To be absolutely sure, if you have questions about an article or event, you can always contact the fan club team directly.

While this does make sure everyone can now instantly read our websites in their own language, it will not put our translators out of work. They will still be responsible for manually translating important news pieces, press releases etc., for international sharing, not only to ensure accuracy but also to increase their global reach. Any other more ad hoc "exotic" translations requests will pass via Team Seb as was the case currently.