Kate Bilsborough - Il Divo
Social Media Watcher

I've been a huge Il Divo fan for 12 years but it took me 10 to get to my first concert!
Four years ago I started my blog Wheels of Laughter to combine both of my passons: Il Divo and horse racing, and life with a disability too... I'm still stunned to this day by the reaction.....

I have always enjoyed social media and regularly shared the Fan Club's posts on the blog, so when Anne-Lies mentioned to me that they were looking for a social media administrator I applied for the position. I got it and unbeknownst to me they'd followed the blog for a long time already.

I've made so many new friends because of Il Divo!

Besides being on the lookout for social media news and content, Kate also writes Il Divo concert FAQs for our website.